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Satisfying Education's Biggest Challenge



The Learning Genome empowers teachers and parents to become engineers of learning by providing each individual child the learning that they need, at the exact moment they need it. A rich learning map that helps guide students along their own learning journey. By honoring children as individuals, and understanding that learning takes place at the pace developmentally appropriate to the child, the Learning Genome will allow children to explore the process of inquiry, experimentation, discovery and problem solving.  Instead of simply learning how to pass that next test, students will be able to construct meaning and learn how to transfer that meaning to new life contexts.



Crowd sourced

The key to the Learning Genome's success is crowd sourcing.  We are drawing on expert educators world-wide to tag resources, books, lessons, videos, apps, websites, experiences and other educational content. This collection of tagged content lives in the centralized "cloud" and will allow users around the world to access the materials that best suit student needs. By gathering information about the individual student's learning style preferences, multiple intelligence strengths, brain dominance, and even emotional maturation levels, the Learning Genome can create customized learning maps for each individual. At the core, the Learning Genome is a platform that aggregates resources and, using a series of algorithms, maps those resources to meet the individual learning needs of a specific child. The Learning Genome creates those serendipitous moments of finding just the right learning tool to meet the needs of children.  



Open API

The Learning Genome hub (the aggregate portion of the tool) will have an open API to encourage development of additional functionality and creative thought. This portion will be free to use. Every child deserves the opportunity to enjoy learning that recognizes them as an individual.

Currently Available


Learner Profile Digital File

Learning Style Preference Card Set

Mulitple Intelligences Card Set

Brain Dominace Card Set

Interests/Passions Interview

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