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Before the Learning Genome Project could be fully realized, we needed a new model. One that honored humanity and recognized the student as an individual.

In 2011, Anastasis Academy was born. The mission: to apprentice children in the art of learning through inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, discernment, and wisdom. Anastasis strives to provide an educational model that honors and supports children as the unique and creative individuals that they are.


The Anastasis Model Features:


Empowerment: Every learner is unique, capable, curious, and in constant process of piecing together how the world works. Anastasis begins with the individual. Students are empowered to understand who they are and how their unique genius will impact a world that desperately needs their contribution. To find their identity.


A community of learners: Out of individual empowerment and understanding "who we are," comes an understanding and appreciation of others. Students feel confident in their own identity and can celebrate and appreciate others. They are able to take risks and be vulnerable in their learning. A community of learners is built out of this place. Students recognize that chance favors the connected mind. Students see the power collective intelligence plays in learning and innovation.


Inquiry driven learning: Rather than siloing subjects, Anastasis uses a completely customized, integrative "living curriculum" that allows room for meaningful connections across learning, takes advantage of exploration, discovery, and active learning. Simply stated, it is learning that is curiosity driven.


Experiential learning: Learning is designed to be immersive: authentic, realistic and connected for each child. In addition to rich inquiry units, students begin to understand that learning happens everywhere and that they can learn from anyone. Fieldtrips, guest speakers, and multi-age learning experiences permeate the inquiry driven learning.


Intentional service: Anastasis recognizes students as contributing members now, not just some day in the future. Through intentional service, students discover how they can impact a larger community. These experiences make them more compassionate, understanding, generous and ultimately improve communities and the world.





The Learning Genome Project makes the Anastasis model possible to scale, benefiting children in every school. Components of the Learning Genome Project and Anastasis Model are now available for purchase.

The Learning Genome Project

By: Kelly Tenkely

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