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Inquiry Planning Cards are the perfect tool for teachers looking to plan inquiry-based lessons. Traditional lesson planning is linear. The nature of inquiry is one of questions and flow. With eight different card sets, each focusing on a different area of inquiry, teachers can easily engage students in conversations and deep thinking guiding the learning in connected ways. The cards are designed to help teachers craft inquiry-based lessons that connect to real-world problems and help students develop critical thinking skills.


There are a few ways to use the cards:

Solo: Think through an inquiry unit through the questions that will guide the unit. Start with your topic, think through some provocations, and choose questions that will help you think through how you will guide the inquiry throughout the unit. Add in thoughts about projects and assessments that will lead to new questions. No more linear lesson planning!


With a Team: Gather your team together each armed with a set of questions cards. Plan your inquiry through the questions that will drive the learning. Work together to open and close questions, consider transdisciplinary themes, and create a flow for the unit. 


With Students: Empower your students as co-creators of the inquiry unit. Start with the main inquiry topic or driving questions. Divide up cards among your students and have them use the question stems to generate questions that will drive the unit. This encourages your students curiosity from the get-go and allows them to tell you what they are curious about. Students grow as researchers in action and get more nuanced and sophisticated in their questions.


Set includes: 126 cards with color-coded questions related to form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, responsibility, and reflection.

Inquiry Planning Cards

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