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You've heard of Cards Against Humanity. This is an educational spin on the game, Cards for Humanity. 


This Cards for Humanity set is perfect for educators looking to break out of traditional teaching styles and explore new and innovative approaches. It encourages players to think critically and creatively, inspiring them to come up with new ideas and outside-the-box solutions for the classroom and school. This set is the perfect tool for educators wanting to encourage creativity and critical thinking in professional development, classroom, school, and project design. 


To play: Choose any lesson, project, design challenge, etc. that you want to tackle. Give each player (it's a lot of fun when the whole team plays together!) 7-10 cards. The challenge is to take whatever the problem is to solve, and come up with a solution inspired by one of the cards. The more random the better! It's impossible to solve challenges the same old way you are used to when the card prompts are so random (and often not education related!). 


This will get your staff thinking creatively, engaging in playful possibility, and solving real problems in a collaborative, fun way. 

Cards for Humanity

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